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August 20 2014

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February 22 2014

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February 06 2014

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Art Nouveau bookbindings by Charles Meunier

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June 16 2013

June 01 2013

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April 25 2013

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Gospel book - Regensburg

April 23 2013

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Restored 16th century binding of velvet embroidered with pearls for Elizabeth I, on a volume of church history.

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Wood’s New Illustrated Natural History, c. 1880’s (couldn’t find a copyright date, but there’s a beautifully penned inscription marked 1883). An end of the work week present for myself for sorting through ten times my weight in books in six hours every day this week.

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Illustreret Norges Historie. B. 4 : Fra Skule Baardssøns Fald (1240) til Olaf Haakonssøns Død(3.Aug. 1387). O.A Øverland.

January 07 2013

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January 03 2013

December 18 2012

December 17 2012

December 15 2012

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December 07 2012

November 25 2012

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